About Commercial Loans
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You have reached the stated income commercial loan division of Falcon Commericial Funding.

When applying for a commercial mortgage loan, we are here to make the process Easy, Quick and Painless. Borrowers frequently minimize their income for tax purposes and while this may reduce their tax burden, it can make it difficult to qualify for conventional financing.

We make it easy for you by taking a different approach to underwriting. Our focus is solely on the property income. If it is an investment property we analyze and size the loan based on the income generated by the property. If the property is occupied by your business, we will size the loan based on the income of the building if it were leased out at the going market rent. If the property is partially owner occupied, we will simply take a hybrid approach to underwriting.

Tax returns are never required and your personal or business income is never verified. Less paperwork means less hassle for you and results in a streamlined process that allows you to close quicker than traditional bank financing.

We specialize in providing stated income commercial mortgage financing to most commercial property types in the $100,000 to $1,000,000 range. If you are looking for a commercial mortgage that can close quickly and without the traditional “red tape”, take the first step and pre-qual your loan. You will be contacted by a loan officer within one business day.